Blogger Spotlight with A Book Whores Obsession

My first blogger spotlight is with the AMAZING Blog……..A Book Whores Obsession!!!


So as some of you may know I co-run ABWO with my amazing partner in Crime Cara. So I won’t be answering any questions today but Cara will.

Okay Cara so how about you let everyone know who you are and who the rest of our amazing reviewers are….

Well everyone know who you are Kari but just so you all know…I am Cara. Kari’s other half in the blogging world.  We have gotten bigger and busier so decided to ask a few of our trusted reader friends to help us with some reviews – Heather Peiffer, Lara Petterson, and Karen Camp round out our team. We are really lucky to have them help us out and appreciate them so much!

Yes we are!!! Alright! So Cara why don’t you tell everyone why it is we started blogging in the first place…

We decided to start blogging because we didn’t see a book page that really focused on the book boyfriend – and that is our favorite part! LOL! Kari and I also co-run a page for Cam Gigandet as Travis Maddox (you should go like that page, by the way). One day, Kari sends me this message and says, ‘I want to start our own blog page for all book boyfriends, not just Travis. And you’re helping me.’ And voila – ABWO began!”

That was a great day!! lol! So, Cara, what is it that sets us apart from all of the other blogs out there??

Our blog is different for a few different reasons. First, we try to focus on the book boyfriend aspect of this book blog world. We cast real people as the book hotties we read about. Secondly, we have a lot of fan interaction on our page. We post lots of questions and help readers find a book they can’t recall or help them select a new book boyfriend.

The cast this hottie feature on our page has always been my favorite! I love seeing what the followers come up with!! 
So obviously romance is a big part of our blog (as it should be) but what other genres, if any, do we promote and review on the blog?

On ABWO we will review any book as long as there is a book boyfriend! Contemporary Romance is by far the most popular but we also review erotica, New Adult, some YA and every once in a while we will do some paranormal romance.

So some of my favorite books are, Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, FSOG by EL James, and Hopeless by Colleen Hoover. So now that I have told you my favorite reads, Cara who are your three top book boyfriends.

My favorite top 3 are probably 1. Christian Grey 2. Travis Maddox 3. Gavin Blake/Colton Donavan/Jesse Ward. Yes – it’s a three way tie. Sue me. 😉

You are such a cheater!! lol but I love you!! But seriously if you had to name one Book Boyfriend that beats them all who is it and why??

Christian Grey will always be the ultimate book boyfriend. He was my first. He is the most alpha, the most thoughtful, the most sophisticated, flawed bad boy in the world. I don’t think anyone will ever take his place at the top. 

I think CG will be #1 in many women’s hearts for a very long time! But moving on… besides myself, (lol) who are some of your favorite up and coming authors?

I would have to say  Megan Noelle, Laurelin Paige, and RE Hunter! I love everything they write and I cannot wait to see what they all come up with next!

Well Cara thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today! I love you to pieces….but before you go why don’t you tell everyone what it is you are reading now, what you just finished and what you plan on reading next?

Current Read – Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan. I know I’m soooo late to the party!

Last Read – Undone by RE Hunter! Cliffhanger to beat all hell, but so good. Luke Brody is amazing!

Next Read – Her Love Ran Crimson by Zoey Foster 

So there you go!! Cara and myself from ABWO blog!! You can find all of our contact info for the page below!!

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