Blogger Spotlight with Eskimo Princess Book Reviews

So today on my blogger spotlight I will be taking with Alisa from Eskimo Princess Book Reviews!!!

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Welcome Alisa!! So let’s start out by finding out more about you! What can you tell us about yourself?

I am a stay at home mom of 4.  I have been reading since I could, I always have a book or my kindle with me.  I read practically all types of romance.  But no horror stories.


4 kiddos! Wow, I have two and want to pull my hair out! lol Since we know you don’t have that much free time with 4 kiddos, why did you decided to start blogging?

Well, I was reading so much and posting little reviews on Goodreads and Amazon but I wanted to share my love of books to more people.

That makes sense. I thinks that is how most bloggers get started. So what sets your blog apart from all the rest?

I like to be honest on my blog, if I don’t like a book I will still post my review there. No matter how bad the book was or even if I didn’t finish, I want others to know how I felt about the book.  I know other blogs only post about books they liked or loved.  That’s not me.

Well at least you are staying true to you! What is your favorite part about being a blogger?

Sharing books, covers and all the contest to other readers.  I love contest!!!

Ohhh me too! Especially when I win! (even though it never happens lol) Anyway, back to your blog…so what is your favorite genre??

Well, I had been reading just Historical romance for the past several years. But when I started my blog, I started reading Paranormal as well with YA and contemporary romance.  My favorite would have to be Historical Romance or PNR.

So you read everything! Just kidding! What are your three favorite books then?

I really can’t decide.  How about my 3 favorite series? 

Alright I guess you can cheat just this once!! lol

That would be the Harry Potter series,  Ruby Blue series by Julie Cassar and Coffin Girl series by Aneesa Price.

Good ole Harry Potter…..I have never read them nor have I seen the movies! I know, I know let the bashing start now! lol Okay on to more book related things.  So there are so many new authors out there…..have any of them grabbed your attention and who are they?

Julie Cassar and Aneesa Price.  They aren’t like brand new on the scene but they are still new only been out like a little over a year or so.  Kelley Gresalis is good too.

And for our final question what are you reading now, what did you read last and what is next in your TBR?

I am currently reading: A Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers by Angie Fox.  I just finished My Skater Boy by Kay Manis (hot) and next I think A Mate’s Bite by Milly Taiden.

Perfect! Well thanks so much Alisa for taking time out of your day to chat!! It has been fun getting to know you and your blog!!

If you all want to follow Alisa’s reviews then you need to check out the following links!!!
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2 thoughts on “Blogger Spotlight with Eskimo Princess Book Reviews

  1. ajenkins979 says:

    I had a blast with this interview. And I just added 3 new reviewers to my team!! I’m not a one woman show anymore!!

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