Blogger Spotlight with NWA Gossip Girl

Today our blogger spotlight is with NWA Gossip Girl!!


So how many bloggers do you have over at NWA and can you tell us why you decided to start blogging??

It’s just me right now, although I’m seriously considering adding more people! I love reading and celeb gossiping and wanted a way to combine my love of both so I started NWA.

So what sets you apart from the rest of the blogs our there and what is your favorite part about blogging??

I sprinkle in pop culture and celebrity gossip on my blog. I’ve had the chance to meet so many people, I never knew how large the book blogging community is! I also love being able to say what I want, because it’s my blog so I’m the boss! 

We all love being the boss!! So what are your top three favorite books and who is your top book boyfriend?

This is hard, there are so many and I change the order around a lot, but if I have to pick 1. Twilight Stephanie Meyer 2. Men Cry in the Dark by Michael Baisden 3. Invisible Life by E. Lynn Harris. My favorite Book boyfriend is Remy from REAL by Katy Evans (LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!)

Oh yes Remy is very alpha male, and I love the Alpha’s! So what is your favorite Genre and why??

Contemporary Romance. It’s the closest to real life drama to me.

So with so many new authors out there which ones have grabbed your attention lately??

Another hard one, I’ve “met” so many authors and they have all been AMAZING! Right now, I’m crushing on Phoenix Rayne. I read her book Heels of Love and I really loved it! The story of Jyme and Cricket captured me from the beginning! Their story is one that reminds us that love is not all hearts and rainbows, it can be hard and I can appreciate when characters grow and really fight for love! I also like C.E. Wilson, she has a series of modern day Shakespeare tales, I read Much Ado About Nothing and really liked it, it was a refreshing YA read, and she recently released a modern day version of Othello!

Okay lady so my final question is…what is your current read and the book you’ll read next?

My current read is Passion After Dark by J.A. Melville and after that I’ll read Life’s A Capella by Yessi Smith.

Well thanks so much for stopping by and chatting with me! I really appreciate it!

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One thought on “Blogger Spotlight with NWA Gossip Girl

  1. Thanks so much for the spotlight Kari! I really appreciate it!!!!!

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