Blogger Spotlight with Book Reviews by Lexi

So today I am interviewing Book Reviews by Lexi


So Lexi…..why did you decided to get into the blogging world??

I decided to start blogging because I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions with LOTS of people.

Well with over 4,000 likes on your FB page I would say you are doing just that!! So what sets your blog apart from all the rest??

I’m strictly contemporary, New Adult and erotica romance blog.  I do lots of giveaways and love having authors do takeovers…I have also even done a few takeovers of authors blogs!

That is awesome! I love take overs! Maybe one day you can take over my page! Now, what is your favorite part about blogging?

Introducing readers to new authors 

Well hopefully you will introduce a lot of readers to me 😉 lol

Alright, anyway, back to the interview!

What is your favorite genre of book and what are your top three fav books of all time??

Romance…specifically contemporary, New Adult and some erotica.  I enjoy them because I love HEAs and I love reading about “real” people…anything paranormal just doesn’t interest me.

Really…this is a trick question right? LOL!!  I don’t have top 3 favorites of ALL time but here are some that I REALLY REALLY LOVE!!

Finding Olivia & Chasing Olivia by Micalea Smeltzer

Reaching Out For You & Holding Onto You by S Moose

A Home for Christmas by Ann Vaughn

LOL I guess I will let you get away with that answer!

So this one you have to answer…..who is your favorite book boyfriend??

Oooh where to begin…I don’t have one favorite…I have LOTS! (in no particular order)

Adam from Reaching Out For You & Holding Onto You by S Moose

Trace from Finding Olivia & Chasing Olivia by Micalea Smeltzer

Ben Nichols aka Dr Yummy from Living Again by LL Collins

Tucker Williams from Soul-Mates Forever by Vicki Green

Riley from A Home For Christmas by Ann Vaughn

Colt from Finding Home by Ann Vaughn

AND this is just SOME of them LOL!

Wow that is a list!

Have you met any new authors lately that have grabbed your attention??

LOTS!! I read lots of indie authors and have discovered soooo many in the last 6 months.

Alright well I always want to hear about what people are reading so….What is your current read, your last read and the book you’ll read next?

ARC of Reaching Rachel by LL Collins – current.  Soul-Mates Forever by Vicki Green – last.  As to what I’ll read next, not sure whatever strikes my fancy or I need to read for a review

Well there you have it! If you want to follow Lexi and her reviews please see the links below!! Thanks so much for your time Lexi!!


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